Sunday, January 18, 2009

Frugal Shopping Back in Vogue

Just because we're all shopping with a much smaller budget doesn't mean we have to forego the pleasures of the adventure. Even if your target purchase must come in under $20, there are bargains galore. Retailers have responded with price slashing, two-for-one deals, and other enticements to see that you part with your dollars.

The Newsweek article points out the advantages of these economic times for the hard core shoppers (doesn't that include all Divas?). Discount retailers will continue to dominate the market, as noted below, but even the traditional retailers will take cues and respond accordingly.

Among the few shops on High Street reporting increases: shoe menders, pawnbrokers and
down-market discounters like the Aldi no-frills supermarket chain.

"A make-do and mend mentality is taking hold." Andy Bond, CEO of Asda, another supermarket chain, has compared Britons' increasingly frugal habits to the post– World War II rationing era.

With spending unlikely to recover fully as Americans and Brits are forced to save again, discount companies like Asda, Wal-Mart, JetBlue and McDonald's look set to outperform their upmarket competitors for many years to come.

As an example of traditional bargains, I found these on-line this week. My $20 planned expenditure will be wisely spent, and here's some ideas for additions to my wardrobe:
This darling tee is $13.90 from Nordstrom. It can be matched with any of your existing jackets, worn over a camisole, or be used to sleep in. Delightful!

Can you believe this trendy trench coat is only $9.99. This Mossimo design is at Target.

Happy shopping, Depressionaire Divas!

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