Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Red Carpet Hairstyles and Makeup Reflect Economy

Style and beauty for this year's Academy Awards red carpet will likely reflect the somber economy, so says the New York Times:
As the economy has taken a turn, so too has the public’s tolerance for extravagant display. And this year stylists expect celebrities to take their cues from stars popular during the golden age of Hollywood, edging toward classic looks and away from any trend that smacks of ostentatious consumerism.
What might red carpet hairstyles look like?
Stylists agreed that curls will frame necklines, replacing jewel-crusted chandelier earrings, as the newest fashion accessory. Kohl-ringed eyes, like those peering beneath the Bond girl Eva Green’s bouffant at the 2007 Academy Awards, will be replaced by softer, smoky colors.
Here's Depressionaire Diva's favorite look for the times, Jean Harlow's glowing curls:

For divas who love hats, you're in luck. These hairstyles lend themselves to fabulous hats:
Of course, women wore hats in the 1930s and ’40s, which is why hair was shaped to their heads. Actresses, too, sought to evoke a sultry innocence, something that is absent in this era when cover photos of pouty-lipped, nearly naked actresses populate magazine racks.
Even make-up is going to be more subdued in this economic period:
For the face, understated but tasteful is key. “You don’t have to wear sackcloth and ashes,” Ms. Tollman added. “You don’t have to stop enjoying yourself.” What that means is matte lips, perhaps red — shiny glosses will be tucked away in the makeup drawer this year — and skin that is nude, softened with pink blush on the cheeks. For those actresses, though, who are looking for a more dramatic look, stylists are recommending smoky eye shadows and liners — gray, purple and brown, but no black. The mink eyelashes won’t fly, either.
All in all, despite the economic turbulence, it's a great time to be a fashionable, sultry, diva.

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