Tuesday, December 16, 2008

1930s Style and Silhouettes

Curious about how the Depression era styling may affect current fashion? No need to worry. The transition from 1920s, flapper look, characterized as boxy, androgynous-looking, gave way to a soft, feminine, modest but sultry look. Good news for us Divas!

A softer, more feminine style replaced the boyish, flapper look of the twenties. At the beginning of the decade, hemlines dropped dramatically to the ankle and remained there until the end of the thirties. Necklines were lowered while torsos were sensuously moulded beneath squared shoulders. Darts were replaced by soft gathers. Dress waists returned to the natural waistline. Moderately full skirts accentuated a small waist and minimized the hips. Dress bodices were designed with inset pieces and yokes. Necklines received dramatic attention, often with wide scallop-edged or ruffled collars.
Sounds lovely.

As for silhouettes, Fashion Template (fabulous site for inquiring designers), shares the following from Skaro.com:

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