Friday, December 19, 2008

Little Black Dresses for the Holidays

Oh, yes ladies ... it's that time of year again. What are we going to wear to our holiday parties? This year may be particularly challenging if we're being frugal (and isn't that the new rage?).

Whatever is black, sexy, alluring and sensual will more than make up for what is new. If it feels good to wear it, then you're going to look great while you do.

Here's some ideas on how we can come up with a new festive and feminine look -- right from our own closets.

Hello Little Black Dress

Hollywood style sequined lace evening dress, 1930. Fashioned from black Chantilly lace, the dress is embellished with clusters of sparkling black sequins. The neckline, shoulder straps, and peplum hem are bordered with bands of black sequins. While this dress fetched $1,150 at Vintage Textile, you can have it free from your closet.

Here's the look: Start with a black camisole (we all have at least one), pair it with your best fitting, form hugging long black skirt. The creativity comes with accessorizing with black high heels (or black boots), a bolero for the sholders, or long black gloves. Divine!

Sweet Black Sleek

It's very sexy to wear a tight knit sweater top. Take one of your smallish cardigan sweaters and glam it up with something shiny, furry, or colorfully contrasting to whatever color your sweater is. Match the top with a black knit skirt and voila! A sultry diva on the prowl.

Here's two looks to get your imagination going.

Dress To Kill

The dress to kill? It comes in many versions. Pick the one most likely to already be in your closet -- it's the black, shoulder less dress:

These two are available at one of our new favorite stores, White House Black Market. The chemise on the top is going for $168, while the more demure one at bottom is retailing for $148 .

Don't forget to accessorize!

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