Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Thrift Store Shopping -- Back In Style

The latest headlines from around the country are similar to this:
From the Santa Fe New Mexican: Boon for Thrift Stores
From CNN: Thrift Stores Seeing More Middle Class Shoppers
Jacksonsville News: Thrift Shops Thrive

Even without much money in our pockets, we still love to shop!

Here's some tips from WikiHow on how to make your thrift excursion a fabulous shopping trip:
  • Tailoring is generally less expensive than you would imagine.
  • Keep your personal style in mind. Thrift stores can be great for this because you are not limited to this year's colors and styles.
  • Be creative and open-minded. Go with what's available and think about how you can work it in or adapt it to your needs.
  • A quick way to size the waist of pants, skirts, etc. is to fasten the button or snap, then stretch the waistline between your belly button and your spine. If it reaches, it has a good chance of being large enough. You should still try the garment on for fit, if you can or want to, but this simple check will help you eliminate quickly those items that are certain to be much too tight or loose.
  • If you know some basic sewing, you can plan to mend small holes, reattach a lost button, or take up a hem, but be realistic about whether you have the time, energy, and know-how to tackle such a project. You can even buy something and edit it to make it totally your own.
  • Since they're plentiful and inexpensive, thrift store finds can also make great raw material for other projects, ranging from quilts to jeans you've torn yourself. If you're crafty and creative, the sky is the limit.
  • Be prepared to dig! Thrift shops are full of items and may are disorganized. Don't be discouraged by this, because if you dig, you can find some fabulous pieces.
  • Have fun!

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