Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Shopping Your Closet

I felt like doing a little shopping today, so off I went to my closet. First, I reorganized all my clothes, shoes and accessories as if my closet and drawers were in a tony boutique in a bohemian neighborhood with brick streets. I thought of myself as a shop owner, hoping to attract feminine, chic and creative women -- just like me!

It was quite a bit of work, I must admit. But the results were surprising. I saw my "old" clothes with a fresh eye. Pairing accessories with skirts and blouses that I would not have otherwise thought to put together. It's amazing how easy it had been to get in a rut (that skirt goes with that blouse -- period!).

I discovered some interesting combinations. My favorite purple silk blouse was put together with my dark jeans accessorized with a leather, studded red belt -- and it worked! I discovered my chocolate brown riding boots had some nice trimmed tops that used be hidden underneath every long pair of pants I wore. So, I cuffed my straight leg jeans and - ta da - a whole new look.

What interesting things will you find if you shop in your closet?

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