Sunday, December 28, 2008

Glamorous Nails for New Year's Eve Parties

If you are pondering what to wear for your New Year's Eve bash, don't forget that you can get a lot of bang for your buck with some daring nail polish. The colors available for the season are scrumptuous and enticing. The best part of spluring on nail polish is that it fits into the tiniest of budgets.

OPI is celebrating its 25th anniversary, and the stage they set is full of imagery of bold, feminine statements:
A fresh, effortless glamour rules the runways. In addition to fitted, feminine suits and new takes on the 'little black dress", we'll see romantic full skits, ruffles and dresses that accentuate a woman's curves. Little jackets with slim skirts or skinny trousers are big, as are sweater coats and blouson jackets. Cardigans combine with ball gowns to offer a perfect example of this new look at glamour.

Plaid is everywhere, including worn with houndstooth-print jackets. Luxe embroidery, beading and fur make an appearance, as well as utterly feminine layers of lace. Cocktail dresses are fabulous now, especially with coordinating coats. Menswear influence is seen in neckties and military details.

In counterpoint, look for dark colors and sleek, spare lines -- a primal urban look that is glamorous in its lack of embellishment and elegant in its toughness.

For fashion as for make-up, deep, dark, sophisticated colors are the choice of the season, including rich browns, cinnamons, cognacs and brown-reds, black, shades of wine and deep greens.

Here's my favorite color from their new collection, and it's perfect for upcoming New Year's Eve parties, a satiny silver for $8.50.

The color below is going to be one of my new favorites. It's a shimmery gold piled on with deep burgundy reds. It's bound to add drama to any of your outfits, even after the parties are over, and with a name like Divine Sin, who can resist this $5.50 indulgence?

Finally, Sequin Sash, a soft, muted champagne color to match the bubbly. This from Essie for $8.00.

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